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Study material with All Softwares !

In Marvelous Anitech we provide an user id to the students on our portal so that they can easily download all the study material and software’s from this portal. For any student, finding the right study material can be essential to effective learning in the classroom.

Our highly qualified faculties made all the tutorials by their own experience and expertise in the field of IT. They have used all the tools and techniques to make the best tutorials for all technologies.

In the same way we provide all kinds of study material always available on our website, like:

  • E-Books
  • Tutorials
  • Softwares
  • Video lectures
  • Online examinations

Free HTML & CSS !

HTML5 & CSS3 are the latest versions of the web's standard markup language, and includes a range of new features, tags and functionality. These allow for more flexibility when designing for desktops, and - perhaps more importantly - provides a new standard for the development of web content and web apps for mobile.

CSS3 allows developers to design more flexible and dynamic style sheets, which can respond to a user's device, screen size and orientation, and also the user's behavior. It can be used to add effects to page elements, and even to skew, re-size, rotate and transform page elements without the use of animation software like Flash.

In the technologies like .Net, Java, Php, oracle etc. we are providing free classes for HTML5 & CSS3, so that student can create good designs as well because in today’s scenario every employer is looking for overall package in a candidate. That’s why we want our students to work as professionals with ability of working on creative and attractive designs.

Free Personality Development !

As we all know that our main focus is to build professionals in IT field. So we are giving them the personality development classes, so that they can communicate well without any hesitation and groom their self to face the employers easily.

We are working on their dressing sense and their behavior as well so that they can go and grab what they want without any difficulties.

Personality Development is the growth and development of the thinking, perception, attitude, nature, mood, behavior and activities that differentiate among people. Personality Development is a tool to bring out one’s abilities and powers for making him/her self aware of his inner self and become more confident to face the outside world. Personality means uniqueness, individuality and appearance of a person and his/her reflection of thinking, emotions, behavior, communication skills and corporeal characteristics.

Free Domain with 1 Year hosting !

In Marvelous Anitech, we are providing 1 domain name and one year hosting free of cost to the students in all courses. As we are providing the internship modules to the students with projects which they will make by their own in between their course duration.

So we want that they can make their projects live and show it to everyone that’s why we are giving them their own personal address to make it happen.

Work on Client Side Live Projects !

Marvelous Anitech is also dealing in website development, software development, web designing, SEO and other IT solutions. We have our own excellence development centre i.e. Promedia, to provide client side projects to the students so that they can get the hands on knowledge and working experience on the technologies which they are studying.

We want them to make job ready from first day after completing his/her study. We want them to work efficiently and effectively without any hesitation.

With this live projects we are giving them the experience certificate for the work which they have done in our company, so that they can rub the tag of fresher before going for an interview to make their future marvelous.

Student Zone !

We have a student zone on our own portal as we want our students feel free to download all his course material like: tutorials, E-books, software’s, video lectures etc. and give online examinations to check their ability.

We will upload all his/her portfolio on this portal so that student can show this to their employers and upload their resume also.

We will show all his/her live projects which they have done given by the institute own development centre at their portal, so that they can show that to everyone.

Basic SEO Knowledge !

Here you will get the basic knowledge of SEO. As we know SEO is the practice of improving and promoting a website in order to increase the number of visitors, the site receives from search engines. Search engine optimization isn’t just about engines, it’s about making your website better for people too. The word of SEO is complex, but most people can easily understand the basics. SEO education combines you with a little practice and you are well on your way to becoming a GURU.

Search engines are unique in that they provided targeted traffic-people looking for what you offer. Search engines are the roadways that makes this happen.

This basic knowledge is better for all the students to make the better path for them in their future.

Free Seminars & Workshops !

As we know, that others knowledge can inspired our knowledge. Life living experiences of well expertise professionals can give many examples to make your pathway more creative and easier.

By our free seminars and workshops we bring together faculty from different disciplines of IT field from professional and expertise backgrounds. These programs expand the knowledge of students and make them aware for IT field with new innovative skills, tools and technologies.

In these seminars and workshops we give free demo on latest tools and technologies used in industry, certificate of participation and career guidance to all the participants of the workshop.

Student Membership Card !

One clear advantage of student identification card is an increased level of security for students, faculty and campus property. This ID card is issued to the registered students of marvelous Anitech only and is valid for 2 years.

It means if any of student who completed his/her course curriculum, he/she can be a part of our institute till 2 years from the date of issuance. Student can come anytime and clear there doubts from the faculties in any of the running batch in the campus. Student can update their knowledge when they need with all latest tools and technologies. They can solve their queries with their faculties very easily.

Experience Certificate !

As we have described you above that we are providing live projects to the students, that’s why we are providing them the experience certificates for the work they have done on all the projects in our company.

This experience will help you to complete your motive to study and get the job as well. actually the motive of every student to study well is to get the good job in which they can make their future marvelous. Our live project and experience certificate will help you to achieve your goal.

Placement Assistance !

Coming soon.